Way of the Wicked

Session 2

The Nine Tests

The villains rested for three days, during which Tiadora supplied them with any equipment they needed (and for Damian also his own slave girl for his pleasure), and they mingled a little with the manor’s other inhabitants, namely another party consisting of Elise, a snobbish yet beautiful woman, a large half-elven warrior named Dostan, and two twins nicknamed Trick and Track. One of the twins called Titus (Track), a priest of Asmodeus, seemed the only likable in the outfit and had some discourse with Mardock.

After three days, the villains were summoned in front of Cardinal Thorn again. They were ordered to retrieve a silver and sapphire pendant from the dungeon beneath the manor in no more than 24 hours. The party decided on heading to the dungeons right away, not thinking of taking Grumblejack along with them. The dungeon was comprised of several square rooms, connected by short corridors, and each containing a single test. Each of the doors had a plaque with a sentence written on it, supplying a clue for the lesson that was to be learned from that test.

In the first chamber, they cleverly avoided the trap laid in front of the only obvious door, and found a hidden compartment in one wall containing a quartz shining with a cold and blue light, but took a long time to find the other hidden door, leading to the next room. The second room had two obvious doors, but since the lesson was about not following the herd, and there were lots of footprints leading to them, the party wisely ignored them, instead focusing on a moldy patch on one wall. After investigating it, they discovered that the quartz had a negative effect on the mold. they threw it on the mold, and it shriveled, exposing a third door.

In another room, the party found Timeon, a squire to the inquisitor Balin, the same one who has imprisoned both Damian and Mardoc. He was hiding there from the evil people who have captured him and his master. Gaining his trust, the villains discovered that Balin had a Mitran holy symbol made of silver and sapphire, as well as some more information on the other rooms in the dungeon.
After fighting some mithral cobras, the party reached a chamber with a set of stairs and a silver and sapphire statuette on a pedestal. Sensing that something is wrong here, they continued to the next room, where they avoided a shrieker plant, reaching a room with several coffins, out of which started emerging Draugr, a moist type of undead. The fight was a tough one, and Mardoc had to call on the power of Asmodeus in order to turn some of the Draugr. Timeon, finally understanding that these were not some Mitran-loving heroes, turned to flee, causing the shrieker to alert the inhabitants of the last room, but was killed by Damien.

After a very close battle, the villains felt they needed some rest, and settled for the rest of the night in one of the corridors.


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