Way of the Wicked

Session 5

First Day in Aldencross

Mardok woke up to the sound of footsteps, the kind that only men that try to be quiet make. He opened the door to his room to a crack and saw Bellam, the Lord’s Dalliance owner, tip-toeing his way in the direction of the stairs leading down to the common room. Mardok did the only thing that made any sense to him. He closed the door and went back to sleep.

In the morning, the party decided to pay ballentyne a visit. It took them half an hour to reach the fort, but the guards didn’t seem too happy to let them into the closed military zone. Instead, they called Captain Franz Mott, only one of several captains in the fort. He seemed a stern and serious kind of fella, but he did engage with them in some conversation. They told him the cover story that they decided on – they are on an errand to try and convert the bugbears to the worship of Mitra. Mardok posed as a Mitran priest and Damien, Chantra and Gardain as his chaperones. They are stuck in Aldencross because they are waiting for some other delegation members to arrive, which could take a few weeks. Mott, on the other hand, did expose some information on the fort. He also promised to let Father Althus Donnagin, the Chaplain of Ballentyne, know that A Mitran priest was looking for him. The party concluded the visit by taking a trip along its northern wall and observing the bridge across the Tyburn river, the bridge spanning it and the gatehouse on its other side.Balentyne.png

After that, the party separated, each member trying to explore and gather information some more. Mardok went to the church and the alchemist shop, discovering that it holds quite a quantity of rat poison. Chantra disguised herself as a little girl and went fishing in a stream that was not too far from the road to Ballentyne, but could not gather any crucial information. Gardain (with the help of Mardoc and Damien) tried to recruit some birds or bats to help him reconnoiter the fort, but not very successfully. Damien worked the crowd in the Lord’s Dalliance and did find out some information. Ballentyne’s commander, Lord Havelyn seemed to command the respect of all the soldiers and is a very efficient officer. Another officer was Captain Varning, who was the leader of the scouts. Another important information learned was that there used to be a tunnel leading all the way from the inn to Ballentyne. That tunnel is now, of course, blocked.

In the evening arrived at the inn a group of dwarven engineers, back from their work at Ballentyne.


We also discoverd that there might be a secret passage from the Lord’s Dalliance to the fort.

Session 5
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